We are always looking for talented authors of short erotic fiction, limericks, illustrations, and more.

General guidelines:

  • all work should include elements of steampunk
  • submit only your own work
  • please include only consensual participants
  • do not include, explicitly or implicitly, elements of pedophilia or incest
  • In particular, we are looking for work that represents a diversity of sexuality and gender identity. Acceptance is also based on quality, originality, and style.

    Story guidelines:

  • your story may be of any length, but less than 5k words is preferred
  • Illustration guidelines:

  • please compress images to under 1 MB
  • submit images in JPG or PNG format
  • Illustrations may accompany stories, or be independent.

    Compensation and editing:

    An approved author retains the ability to edit or delete any work they have posted. Furthermore, they can maintain their own bio page.
    Although authors receive no money directly from us (nor do we make money off of the author’s work!), they are encouraged to put a paypal donate button on their bio page.

    To become an approved author, please submit a story to steam [at-symbol] for consideration.

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