Steamypunk Relaunch!

Dear Sirs, Misses, Madams, and more;

I am pleased to announce that Steamypunk will be relaunching, with a fresh look and new content, on March 20th. Submissions are now open, so if you are interested in being part of the celebration, or would like to submit works for future publishing, please send your original writing, poetry, or artwork to steam [at-symbol] steamypunk [dot] net.

I am eager to continue Steamypunk’s traditions: to offer the finest in Steampunk erotica, while retaining existing submission guidelines:

– All work should contain elements of Steampunk.
– Submit only your own work.
– Please depict only consensual participants in your work.
– Your story may be of any length, but less than 5k words is preferred.
– When submitting artwork and illustrations, please submit them in JPG or PNG format, and compress them to under 1MB.

Thank you very much for your patience, and for being part of Steamypunk!

Sarah McMenomy