Lucy’s Device

by Jens Kuhn
“Come on in, my dear,” the professor said, smiling at her. Lucy stepped into the room quietly, closing the door behind her with slightly trembling hands. Feeling the man’s gaze on her, she blushed as she slowly walked towards him.
“I hope you’re feeling well today,” the professor enquired.
Lucy nodded.
“Good, good. I have a special surprise for you today.” He moved towards the old chest of drawers next to his desk and opened the top drawer. Lucy stood still, craning her head in order to see better. A suppressed gasp escaped her mouth as the professor turned around, showing her the device.
“Do you like it?” he asked.

Lucy nodded. Taking a step closer to him she lifted her hand to touch it. “It feels soft.” Giving it a little squeeze, she added: “and hard.”
The professor laughed. “Actually, what you seem to be most fascinated with isn’t the main functional part of this device at all. Let me show you.” He pointed at the base of what was indeed a beautifully shaped leather phallus. At its base, however, was a bronze cap with what resembled a little cage of thin wires attached to it. It was open on one side, and there the wires ended in soft silky pads. The professor took her hand and placed one of her fingers against the pads. “Feel them,” he said.
Lucy did as she was told. Moving the finger over the pads before slipping the tip of it between them. “They feel soft and cool,” she said. “What are they for?”
The professor smiled. “Sit down and let me show you.” He led Lucy to the leather chair and she sat down carefully.
“Lean back, please.” The professor knelt in front of her and lifted her skirts, tracing his hands along her stockinged legs, gently pushing them apart. “Stay like this.”
Lucy blushed deeper, aware of the cool air touching her unprotected crotch. Despite its coolness she felt moist heat building inside her. This was one of her favourite parts, the anticipation of what he had devised this time, how he would make her feel, what he would do to her. She sighed as he moved closer. He was holding the device, which now had been equipped with four leather straps, connected to its base. Carefully he brushed his fingers over her moistness, parting her lower lips. “Ah,” he breathed. “You’re ready, my dear.”
He put the tip of the device against her and slowly pushed it inside. Lucy gasped as the leather penis filled her. The professor pulled the leather straps around her waist and secured them, then adjusted the little wiry cage so it came to rest around her most sensitive spot.
“Oh!” Lucy looked at him, her eyes wide. The professor smiled. “Almost done.” Lucy heard a clicking and then a low humming. The padded wires started to vibrate slightly around her clitoris. “Hmm,” she moaned.
“Does it feel nice?” The professor smiled at her and she nodded, her face now slightly flushed. The professor offered her his hand. “Come, let’s go for a walk.”
“Oh.” Lucy rose carefully and took a few steps. “Hmm.”
She could actually walk. She felt the phallus move a little inside her and the vibrations around her clitoris were slightly distracting, but it wasn’t too bad at all. She could do this. No one who saw her would notice anything.
They descended the stairs and left the house. The street wasn’t very busy, only a few carriages and a steam omnibus rattling on further down the street. Slowly Lucy and the professor walked along. Lucy wondered where they would go and what the purpose of all this was. Indeed, the device felt nice inside her and on her clit, but she knew the professor. This could not be all. They came to the corner of the street and turned into a wider, busier road. As a carriage rattled past in the opposite direction, Lucy felt a slight increase of the vibrations against her sensitive spot, but as the carriage went away, the sensation did too. She opened her mouth in order to ask the professor about it as another steam omnibus closed in from behind, puffing black smoke and white steam as it went along. She could hear the throbbing noise of the pistons and the squeaking of the wheels coming closer and closer and as the noise increased, so did the vibrations between her legs. As the vehicle went past, she moaned, feeling her legs weaken as wet heat spread through her from between her legs. She gripped the professor’s arm tightly as she tried to walk along. Then the omnibus had passed and everything went back to how it was before.
“Oh god,” she breathed heavily. “It’s the sound isn’t it?”
The professor smiled. “Indeed, my dear. The louder it gets, the more the device will stimulate you.” He smiled at her again and nodded forward. They walked on.
More carriages passed, and each time Lucy staggered, her breathing now shallow and panting. Then the professor held her back. “Wait here for a minute, my dear,” he told her.
Lucy stood still, her cheeks flushed, slowly calming down as they waited. Fortunately no further carriages were passing at the moment. When her breathing was almost steady again, she looked at him questioningly. Smiling again, he pointed at the corner of the street, where just then another steam omnibus screeched and puffed into view. Lucy’s eyes widened and her hand on the professor’s arm began to tremble. As the bus closed in, the professor held out his hand, and the vehicle slowed down, eventually coming to a halt in front of the two people. Lucy moaned softly, biting her lip, her hand gripping hard around his arm.
“We are taking a ride,” he said and propelled her gently towards the omnibus. Lucy yelped, but put a foot on the platform at the back of the vehicle, helped up further by a gentle shove.
“Sit down, my dear,” he said, leading her to one of the wooden benches that lined the sides of the compartment. Lucy sat down carefully, moaning softly as the phallus was pressed deeper inside her. She looked around. There were only a few other people sitting opposite them, but enough to make her face flush deeply. She looked at the professor, a pleading expression on her face. But he only smiled.
Then the omnibus started to move. Steam hissed and pistons screeched, and the whole contraption shook and rattled as it gathered speed. Lucy’s eyes widened and she was panting heavily through a partly open mouth. As the vehicle’s speed increased, so did the soft moans that escaped her mouth. Her other hand flew up to her mouth and she bit down on it as her body started to tremble. Lucy shut her eyes, her fingers digging deep into the professor’s arm, and then her body arched and the sweetest yelp escaped her mouth as she came.
As she opened her eyes, she saw a woman on the bench opposite her looking at her, eyebrow raised in question. Lucy, still panting, put her head on the professor’s shoulder and moaned.
“Good girl,” the professor whispered. “It’s just a little further now.”
Lucy shuffled on her seat as she felt the vibrations against her now even more sensitive spot continue relentlessly. Focusing on her surroundings, she tried to distract her mind from the sensations between her legs. As the omnibus slowed down and came to a halt, she breathed a sigh of relief.
“Come,” the professor said, taking her arm and gently propelling her towards the door. They disembarked from the vehicle which carried on, puffing and screeching, down the road. Lucy looked around her. They were closer to the centre of the town now. Further on, the road opened up into a large square, and it was towards there that the professor now directed her. As they came closer she realised that a large mass of people was gathered in the town square. Many of them carried signs with what must be political slogans, and everybody was discussing loudly. Lucy felt the vibrations increase as they came closer. Looking at the professor, she saw the familiar smile on his face. “Oh no,” she pleaded.
“But yes, my dear. It’s an important cause, we cannot miss it,” he chuckled. They walked on and finally came to the end of the street, the square extending in front of them. There were several hundred people at least and there was shouting and chanting. The professor lead Lucy right into the mass, holding her around the waist to steady her as she staggered on, her legs threatening to give way. She felt the vibrations increase even more than on the omnibus, and her body responded the only way it could. She moaned, gripping the professor’s arm for support, leaning on him as she felt another orgasm building inside her. They were in the middle of the chanting mass now, but she didn’t care, couldn’t stop herself from arching into the professor as she came closer and closer. He pulled her in front of him and held her with her back to him, his arms around her for support. “Let it go, no one will hear,” he said into her ear, then started to kiss the side of her neck. Lucy moaned and started to shake, finally crying out loud as the orgasm raced through her body.
“Good girl. You’re so beautiful when you come,” he whispered into her ear, still holding her tight, supporting her weight as Lucy tensed again, feeling another wave crash through her.
“Oh god,” she cried. “Please switch it off…” She arched into him again, convulsing yet another time.
“Just a little longer, my dear,” the professor said.
Turning her around, he took her face into his hands and kissed her deeply, then swooped her up into his arms and started to carry her away from the square. He could feel her body convulse and hear her cries against his ear two more times, before they reached a quiet side street. Carefully he put her down onto her feet. Lucy felt the cool bricks of the wall against her back as she caught her breath, her breathing slowly calming down to normal. She put her hand on the professor’s shoulder as he went down on his knees in front of her and put his arms under her skirt. Finally the vibrations stopped.
“Did you like it?” he asked as he stood again.
Lucy nodded, too exhausted to speak.