Got A Screwdriver?

by Elizabeth McKay
“Alright, Mags, it looks like the last of them have left. I think it’s time, hmm?” Cora’s petticoats whispered as she moved across the room to Maggie’s desk. It was the first night of summer recess, and the halls of Cape June Ladies’ Academy still echoed with the bustle of students moving out, and giving emotional farewells to their classmates. The only light in the whole building was in the workshop, where the two had hidden themselves.
     Maggie sat up and blinked a few times, setting her pen down. She yawned and arched her body into a luxurious stretch, leaning back onto Cora. “I didn’t think it would ever end. I finished the last of the adjustments to the device a week ago and I’ve been dying to try it out!” Cora ran her hands over Maggie’s hips and rubbed her cheek on her black curls, breathing in her lavender perfume.

     Maggie hopped off her stool and lead Cora through the workshop, both of them giggling. On a thick oak table was a massive structure, draped with a red cloth tarp. “Well, what now Mags?”
     “Now we test our creation. Are you ready?”
     Cora shivered and hopped up and down impatiently “God yes, let’s go!”
     They yanked the cloth off and admired their machine. In the lamplight it was beautiful – all brass fittings, polished till they looked like silk. The seat was large enough for two, covered in flocked velvet and leather. All manner of attachments were suspended from a frame above it. Vibrating devices, dildos, plugs, clips and clamps; restraints and stirrups; long, round, oblong, egg-shaped, flower-petal forms in beautifully polished wood, marble, and leather. All were connected to a central motor, which boasted a panel of dials and switches, labeled to control intensity, direction, and frequency of motion.
     Maggie pushed her pince-nez farther up her nose and turned to Cora “Do you think it’s safe? Seeing it all done…I mean, we really did put an awful lot on there. It may be top-heavy…”
     “Oh, darling, don’t worry, it’s fine. Remember, too much is too much, but way too much and you’re just getting started!” Cora swept Maggie up into her arms and kissed her passionately.
     “Alright, I won’t be intimidated. It’s only technology, engineering, and physics.” Maggie blew gently on Cora’s neck as she started unlacing her dress, licking and nipping at Cora’s small, freckle-dusted breasts, pulling her bodice down to kiss and suck her nipples. She sighed and moaned into Cora’s skin, rubbing her lips around each pink little candy, licking and biting by turn.

They pushed and pulled at the endless layers of skirts, sleeves, and bodices, Cora making small groans of frustration as she tore at Maggie’s stays. She dug her fingers into the round swell of Maggie’s hips, clawing at the flimsy cotton drawers as the other woman shuddered and moaned. Cora could feel Maggie start to grind her pussy against her thigh, her scent rising like incense.
     Finally they were free. Maggie got up onto the seat and pulled Cora on top of her, pushing her legs to either side, kissing her deeply and running her hands over the smooth curves of Cora’s ass. She grabbed a handful of her silky red hair and pulled her up for a moment.
     “What should we try first?” Cora smiled and bit her lip, letting her fingers trace up and down Maggie’s soft belly. “Hmm? What does my girl want?” Cora shook her head loose and twisted around to examine the control panel.
     “Umm, there’s the Oscillatrometer…or, ooh, the Dodson’s….no, no wait, where’s the Duchess’ Delight? I know we put it on here somewhere?” Cora leaned back to sort through the collection of wires and devices, arching over farther and farther until she lost her balance. She landed on the floor with a scream, followed by a shower of cogs, gears, and attachments.
     “Oh god, Cora! Are you alright?” Maggie hopped down, “are you hurt?”
     “No, no, I’m good. But what did I do to our machine?”
     They stood up to inspect the damage. Several dildos had fallen off, and the nipple clamps were tangled in the main gear, but it seemed intact. “Got a screwdriver? I have to get these things out of here before it can run again.”
     Maggie rifled through the pile of her clothes, until she found the toolbelt hidden in her skirt. “Flat or cross, sweet?”
     “Cross” Cora knelt on the floor, beautifully pale in the lamplight. She threw her hair back over her shoulder and started to take apart the mechanism to free the delicate chains.
     Maggie collected the scattered toys as she watched Cora, feeling a heavy pulse in her pussy. She licked her lips and sighed, unable resist the full curves of Cora’s bare ass, the tension in her back as she worked the heavy gear loose…Maggie grabbed a ruler off the shelf and landed one swift smack on Cora’s skin, causing the other woman to gasp and moan.
     “Oh, you’re evil. Just when I have my hands full of metal and grease…” Maggie giggled and swatted Cora’s rump again and again, leaving bright pink marks. Cora lifted her ass, leaning into the blows, opening her thighs to show her plump pussy glistening. She stretched her hands out in front of her, letting her breasts rub the cold stone floor, her nipples aching with sensation.
     “Mmm, don’t stop, please…”
     “Please what?” Maggie reached down and slid her fingers over Cora’s lips, parting them to rub her clit slowly, putting her thumb just barely inside her. “Please what?” Smack after smack rained onto Cora’s skin as she writhed and moaned, trying to ride Maggie’s hand.
     “Please – Oh god don’t stop!” Cora threw her head back and cried out.
     “Get this thing working again and I’ll do whatever my girl needs.” Maggie whispered as she slid her thumb into Cora’s dripping pussy, and leaned down to kiss each and every mark on her.
     Maggie stood up and watched Cora, still on all fours, still dripping with honey. “Mags,” Cora turned her head to look at her, dazed, “Mags, have I mentioned lately that I hate you?”
     “You’ll get over it. Need the pliers?” Maggie held out the tools to Cora, as she licked her sweet juices from her other hand, winking down at her.

“Alright, Mags, help me up. I think I’ve finished now.”
     “I suppose we should test this out before we get too wrapped up again.”
     “Right, where’s the power switch?”
     Maggie waggled the switchbox at her “Here goes nothing!” The entire machine powered on, whirring and clicking. Steam started to leak from the base as it grew louder, and the whole mechanism shook gently. Cora placed her hand on the central casing to check the temperature. “We made a good choice on that insulation…feel this. It’s like a warm bath.”
     “It’s splendid, really. A bit loud, though.” Cora put her arm around Maggie’s waist and kissed her shoulder.”
     “I wouldn’t worry about that, love.”
     Maggie reached up to reattach the fallen dildos to their cables while Cora worked the last of the knots from the clamps’ chain. Soon enough they had the entire device back in working order.
     “I believe you owe me something now, Maggie.” Cora tapped her finger on the base of the nearest vibrator and smiled at her.
     “The ‘Duchess’ Delight’? We had to order this all the way from Shropshire! And have it shipped secretly inside a crate of alembics! My girl has expensive tastes.” Maggie climbed back up onto the chair, patting the expanse of velvet between her legs. Cora followed suit and leaned back into Maggie, handing her the gadget. It was small, curved to fit a cupped palm, and polished smooth with a satiny glow.
     Cora tucked her feet into the dangling stirrups and ran her fingernails lightly over her belly and the smooth skin of her thighs, shivering with the thought of what Maggie was about to do. Maggie turned up the dial on the device until it hummed softly, touching it to Cora’s nipples. She jumped and moaned, grabbing Maggie’s knees
to brace herself. Maggie ran it over Cora’s neck, following with her tongue, drawing patterns and leaving tiny bite marks on her shoulders.
     She circled the toy around and around each of Cora’s breasts, then down farther until she reached the soft patch of curly red hair, shining with Cora’s wetness. Maggie ran the toy down the cleft of Cora’s pussy, both of them shuddering and groaning. Cora kicked and squirmed as Maggie teased her, sliding the dull head of the vibrator between her lips and then back out again. Every time she grazed Cora’s clit, Maggie bit down on the soft flesh of Cora’s shoulders and roughly pinched her rosy nipples. The whole machine shook with the force of Cora’s writhing; the springs in the chair squeaking, the metal gears grinding on one another, the steam hissing out of the base every time she bucked.
     Maggie’s arm ached with the tension, but she held on. She felt ready to come herself, watching the sublime sight of Cora shaking in ecstasy, ankles held in silk-lined leather, sweat tracing down her temples, her breasts bouncing, growling and moaning like a wild thing. Her climax shook her whole body, and her wails drowned out the mechanical clanking and puffing of their machine. Cora clawed at Maggie, panting, licking her lips…
     “Please, I…Mags…let me…”
     “I know what you need now,” Maggie freed Cora’s legs, and turned her over, gently placing her on her knees “will you let me? May I come inside?” Cora nodded hungrily, still unable to speak, wrapping her arms around Maggie’s waist, nuzzling the soft mound of Maggie’s pussy.
     Maggie flipped a different switch on the controls and a small door opened, revealing a glass dildo fastened to a sturdy base. Cora bent forward again, centering her pussy over the dildo, just barely grazing the tip of it. She looked up at Maggie, beaming, “You’re too good to me, you know that?”
     With that, Cora spread Maggie’s legs and dove into her pussy, licking first the dark curls of her outer lips, and working her way inward towards her clit. Maggie gasped and swore, clutching the controlbox tight in her hand, and digging her nails into the seat with her other. Cora’s expert tongue flicked up and down the tender rose skin of Maggie’s pussy, lapping up every drop of wetness, sucking on each tender inner lip by turn, then swirling over Maggie’s clit again and again. Now it was Maggie’s turn to let go – her head falling back, hair streaming down the cushion, her breasts shaking, nipples perked and throbbing as Cora pleasured her.
     Cora eased one finger then another into Maggie’s pussy, pushing up against the tight, hot little wall, dripping wet, searching for that one spot that would make Maggie melt. She crooked her fingers slightly and rubbed at it, licking Maggie’s clit faster and faster. Just as she started to come, Maggie thumbed the switch and the dildo quickly plunged into Cora, sliding on her wetness, making her scream with pleasure into Maggie’s pussy.
     Together they came, Maggie grinding her pussy onto Cora’s mouth, riding out her climax, and Cora coming a second time, bucking with the rapid motion of the dildo.
     When her ecstasies finished, Maggie peeked down at Cora, both exhausted and weak. She fumbled with the off switches and shut it all down. Cora gently pushed the dildo back into its compartment, and Maggie hung the Duchess’ Delight back on the rack. Cora climbed back up and they curled together, holding each other tightly – gleaming with sweat, smelling sweet and musky. Maggie kissed the pulse on Cora’s neck and smoothed her hair as she lay in her arms. The machine itself gradually slowed its motions, and became quieter as they lay curled in reverie. Except for a strange creaking noise. Maggie and Cora looked around warily…
     “What the hell is that? God I hope noone’s here…”
     Maggie’s eyes grew wide as she looked up at the attachment rack, which was leaning lower and lower, all the gadgets and devices swinging, “We’re going to have to move!”
     As soon as the words left Maggie’s mouth, the rack and all its accoutrements crashed down, sending each and every last device flying over the workshop floor. They froze for a moment, then dissolved in laughter.
     “‘Too much is enough’? ‘Don’t’ worry darling’? Cora what the hell happened? My shop is covered in erotic gadgets! It looks like a brothel exploded!”
     Cora wiped the tears streaming down her face and kissed Maggie’s cheek. “Well, Mags…got a screwdriver?”