E. Sparkweed

Most of my stories are set in different parts of one fictional world, where technological development and civilization have branched off in a direction quite different from ours. Steampunk is a beautiful aesthetic, and also a great worldbuilding tool for me as it lets me play with ideas about technology and society. It is useful to question whether “the way things work” is simply a given, a result of evolution, as we are led to believe; as if the direction of development is not a product of choices made but some natural law. In our world, development seems to be one-directional: up, further. But, what about inward? What about deeper? What about seeing something from every angle, stepping inside it, as opposed to trying to catch it and squeeze it under the microscope? That is a very limited vantage point, and without fiction, we are at risk of being just as confined when we try to look at our lives and the world we live in. A story can be a very small thing, yet once you’re inside it it’s limitless.

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