About Dan Von Hoyel (Danarama)


Dan Von Hoyel (Danarama) came out of the closet as a Steampunk clotheshorse in 2005 when it was pointed out to him that his extensive Victorian-Goth wardrobe had faded in the sun from black to browns and grays. Being an actual Stearman pilot, he even already owned the goggles. His festival videos have been among the most viewed Steampunk videos on YouTube (Dan4Dresden), and he also serves as the official Steampunk expert on the popular iAnique.com podcasts.

Known in fetish circles for the past 13 years as one of the world-renown Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo, he is a co-author of two best-selling rope bondage books, “Showing You the Ropes” (2007) and “Back on the Ropes” (2009). He is also a musician, as the lyricist and vocalist for Titans, a Swedish/American industrial band (on the Progress Productions label), with an album, “For the Long Gone,” plus two additional EPs. He is also working on an new album with another industrial band in Germany, Harm Joy. Dan’s own solo music project is Spirit of the Staircase.

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